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The role of emotions in the religious, political and commercial communication

Symbol & Emotion explores various aspects of the human symbology, where East meets West and reason meets emotion.

“We are half female and half male, with minimal and abysmal percentage differences at the same time. As with water: one is sweet and other, salty. And intuition is the third guest to contribute to our development.
Emotional intelligence reveals that we are not entirely rational beings but are also affected by the environment.”

PART I Symbol

From primitive drawings to modern logos, all symbols have aspects in common: they are present in every society, awake deep emotions and, according to this book, could provide access to a higher conceptual level which we are still learning to decode.

This book presents a starting point to reflect on the role of symbols in our life, in a progression in which past, present and future merge together within a space whose borders are much more diffuse than what we are used to believing.

"Symbol and emotion" contains striking images, created by illustrator Gabriel Ippoliti, which add value by themselves and bring an emotional approach to the historical and mythical events presented. It is an inspired work on communication, addressed to anyone interested in exploring the interrelated role of symbols and emotions in the past, present and future of humanity.

PART 2 National symbols

The Americans are the sum of the crosses of all races. From North to South and from East to West. And America is the only continent that extends from one pole to the other. How is it possible that the ecologically oriented flags from Brazil and Argentina appeared two hundred years ago? Eco-consciousness is not new, but very old.

Religious and sacred symbols

All these icons communicate as a whole the same sentence: There is a starting point. There is an upper and a lower level. You can go up or down. You can be and not be.There is a before and an after.Depending on how we interact with others and within ourselves, we make a road where there are signs.But long before these symbols were designed, the road was conceived.

PART 4 Brand symbols

Brands need to stand out and create loyalty, and exercising the brand identification is of crucial importance. This goal is shared by the entire range of products available in the market. This builds on territoriality, which can be both physical and also imaginary. This is the core of the question: to occupy this identification space. And to keep it.

Science observes reality. Art reproduces it.


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