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2 Clios Award in TV and Hall of Fame of Clio Awards - 1 Clio of graphic - Grand Prix 2 gold medals in the Festival of New York - Grand Prix of TV of F.I.A.P. Gold medal and first prize to Institutional Publicity - 3 Grand Prix in TV of the Creative Circle - 1 Grand Prix of Graphics of the Creative Circle and first prizes in the following Categories: TV, Campaigns, Advertising, Display advertising , Design, MKD, Packaging - Golden and Platinum pencil: First prize From the National Endowment for the Arts, First prize in the category colour graphics for the newspaper La Nacion, First prize and bronze medals to creativity in Clarín Newspaper - Award from the commercial chronicler to Institutional Publicity - Grand Prix Meca to the vest campaign of display advertising and - First prize to the poster of the product Argentine Bureau of Radio - First prize jingle category.




He developed his career as Art Director and Chief Creative Officer of the largest Advertising Agencies in Argentina.

As a creative he is known by is versatility in the cinematographic field as well as in Graphics. In these two fields he has achieved the highest international and national acknowledges.

Founding member of the Argentinean Creative Circle, where he was elected president in April 1988 and re-elected three more times.

Directly responsible for the organization and judging of the displays and exhibitions that the association also held annually and was sponsored by the newspaper La Nacion and TELEFE.

Personally arranged the shipment and subsequent exposition of the Art Directors Club of New York.

He has conducted seminars on computer animation and organized along with the Argentine Media Association Workshops of creative advertising that took place in Buenos Aires.

For two years he acted as moderator in the cycles of discussions related to advertising and social communication that took place in the Paseo La Plaza.

On 2 December 1990 he inaugurated PUBLICITARTE, the first comprehensive exhibition of advertising that took place at the Municipal Exhibition Centre counting with the patronage of the Ministry of Education and declared of national interest.

Art Professor of the Argentina Association of Advertising Agencies, Turing the course Art Direction I and II.

Head Tutor at the University of Buenos Aires in the course of History of Design II.

Professor of Creativity I and II at the Argentine Catholic University and the University of Belgrano.


DIGITAL BOOK: Symbol & Emotion

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